A Thank You to Dan DiNicola, and the Mahi – Mahi Tagging Expedition – Director’s Cut.

Over the past three years, Dan DiNicola developed the amazing outreach program for RECOVER, that we have today. As of this past February, Dan has left RECOVER to relocate to the west coast of the US. Some of his many accomplishments are creating the original and updated RECOVER websites (http://recoverconsortium.org); developing, producing and launching the ambitious legacy project, the RECOVER virtual lab; and creating the many videos for our social media outlets. His enthusiasm and upbeat attitude, as well as everything that he completed for RECOVER, will be missed.

As a last project Dan created and produced the Directors Cut of last year’s tagging cruise. This cruise took place over the course of three days in the Gulf of Mexico in June, where RECOVER tagged wild mahi with PSAT tags to capture information about spawning, feeding and migratory behaviors. We have posted it below for the all to watch, and to appreciate the talent and dedication that Dan demonstrated as our RECOVER outreach coordinator


Thank you, Dan for all the amazing work you have done over the past three years. We wish you the best of luck in all new ventures!