Drumming into Life with Newton Rayzor Elementary

Dr. Aaron Roberts, a co – principal investigator with the RECOVER consortium and based out of the University of North Texas, brought larval fish and oil spill science into the classroom at Newton Rayzor Elementary.

During this 2 – week outreach program, Dr. Roberts went into the first grade classroom of Mrs. McGary and aided in the classroom’s fantastic hands – on learning approach to teaching about life cycles in their science unit.  To aid in this teaching method, Dr. Roberts and his lab brought a microscope along with fish eggs, embryos and larvae into the classroom. The students were able to observe the fish develop from egg to embryo to larva through the microscope. The students saw the eyes form, the heart develop, blood flow, and the fish move inside the clear egg all in real time.  The students drew sketches of the fish at the different developmental time points so they could communicate life cycle science to those around them.

Thank you to Newton Rayzor Elementary and their first grade teachers for collaborating with our team members at UNT and allowing them to come into your classroom to show off some exciting environmental science!