RECOVER’s Miami Seaquarium Exhibit is Now Open.

RECOVER started 2019 off with a bang!

We collaborated with the Miami Seaquarium to create a traveling exhibit within the Seaquarium featuring RECOVER’s research. This exhibit can be placed throughout the aquarium and is currently on display with the Tropical Fish Aquariums underneath the top deck dolphin area.

Our dual-panel interactive and educational display features RECOVER research on one side including information on the research focus and mission of RECOVER: understanding and researching the impact of crude oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 on mahi-mahi and red drum in the Gulf, the biology of one of our study species the mahi-mahi, and easy to scan QR codes to access our social media, website and Virtual Lab. These codes allow patrons to easily access resources to learn more about RECOVER.

On the second side of the display are photos and text blurbs explaining the incredibly rapid early life stage development of mahi-mahi, specifically in their embryonic and larval stages. Each of the photos is accompanied by a short descriptive blurb of the life stage depicted. This allows visitors to not only read about the mahi-mahi’s shockingly fast embryonic development but see it as well.

To bring everything together for the exhibit, RECOVER created a video display featuring some of our University of Miami Rosenstiel School team members. Each gives a summary of their areas of research and how it ties into the overall goal of RECOVER’s mission and research. The video was produced with both Spanish and English subtitles that play in a continuous loop. Lastly, attached to the exhibit is an IPAD with a pre-downloaded quiz that visitors are able to take to test their science skills!

We are extremely proud and excited to share our research with the Miami Seaquarium and its patrons from the South Florida area, the USA, and around the world.