RECOVER Co-PI’s Participate in City of Dallas Environmental Education Initiative Summit

Fostering a positive relationship with science and STEM-related careers for middle and high school students is a large undertaking, one that RECOVER co – PI’s Dr. Aaron Roberts and Dr. Ed Mager from the University of North Texas and UNT College of Science are more than happy to take part in.

At the City of Dallas Environmental Education Initiative’s (EEI) 5th annual summit, Dr. Roberts presented the keynote speech and Dr. Mager participated as a student mentor and evaluator.

The City of Dallas EEI is an organization and partnership that encourages students within the surrounding areas and their communities to become knowledgeable in water conservation science and provide inspiration in becoming more scientifically literate to foster a more active and informed decision-making community.

Each year, students from the surrounding middle and high schools, develop proposals for an experiment or project connecting to a theme developed by the City of Dallas EEI. The Initiative’s theme this year for student projects was Water Conservation: Making a Difference, with a focus on urban water conservation. The student teams presented their experiment’s proposal during the poster session of the Summit to their community, fellow peers, as well as to their student mentors/evaluators consisting of professors and researchers from surrounding Texas Universities, including Dr. Mager.  The winning team is awarded funding to put their proposal into action and conduct their experiment within the community.

RECOVER’s co-PI Dr. Ed Mager from the University of North Texas College of Science discussing student group proposals with fellow evaluators.