“Meet a Member Monday” and “Tuesday Tool Profile”: Introducing you to our members and research tools

Have you ever been curious as to who is RECOVER and how do they do the research they do? Well, we have those answers and so much more for you. We are happy to announce our two new social media campaigns: “Meet a Member Monday” and “Tuesday Tool Profile”.

Our research is important but knowing the person behind the research is just as important. To make sure this was accomplished, each Monday one of RECOVER’s many incredible members will be featured on our social media forums (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). Each post will contain a short blurb with answers provided by the featured scientist on a couple of different topics, such as why they became a scientist and what person in history they would have dinner with, as well as photos of the scientist doing their research and in their normal life. To start off this project, RECOVER’s outreach coordinator, Ally Karaczynski is featured and she lets us get to know her.

Our research and those that conduct it are important, so why not learn about the different methods our scientists use to conduct their science. These tools can range from a complex system, such as a density gradient column, to everyday items (like a tennis ball) that you would not necessarily think of being a tool for a scientist. One portion of RECOVER’s mission is to understand the total internal and external effects of crude oil on mahi-mahi and red drum, therefore, our researchers utilize many different techniques and skills to accomplish this goal.

Each week will bring something new, so make sure to check in on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages every Monday and Tuesdays to learn more about the people of RECOVER and the tools they use to accomplish our mission.