Co-Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor
University of North Texas

Dane Crossley is an integrative physiologist interested in the evolution of cardiorespiratory function at all phases of vertebrate life history. He is particularly interested in how developmental environment “fixes” the embryonic animal in a pattern that alters cardio-respiratory function in later life and the impact the new phenotype has on performance. To address this question he utilizes assessments of gene expression, protein concentration, mitochondrial function, and organ system function. Using this integrative approach helps to clarify the developmental events that influence physiology and possible fitness of adult vertebrates.

Participation in the RECOVER consortium offers Dr. Crossley the exciting opportunity to investigate fundamental principles that govern the maturation of cardiovascular function and performance that have yet to be successfully investigated in any saltwater species. Results will be seminary and begin to elucidate how cardiorespiratory function is dictated not only be the genetic makeup of the embryo but also the environment the embryos encounters.